Our Services: Training and Development Specialists

Leadership Programs (for senior managers, managers and future managers)

Leadership Training

An Organization reaches to the top or falls down to the base is mostly because of its leaders. Because a leader knows the way and shows the way. 

Therefore, it has been our top most priority to help our clients achieve their goals with latest leadership skills and new perspectives. 

Our latest program is "Leadership in the Disruptive Era".

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Sales & Marketing Workshops (for supervisors and front-liners)

Selling Skills

The backbone of any organization is its Sales & Marketing team.  

The high point of all sales & marketing activities are maintaining and developing your own network, consisting of customers, contacts, suppliers, and friends, all of whom have become your ambassadors. . Make sure your customer truly wins! The first decennial of the 21st Century will see a decrease in the number of sales representatives. 

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Performance & Productivity Training (for front-liners, supervisors and managers)

Performance and Productivity

Every Manager and Supervisor wishes for a dream team that delivers consistently high performance and targeted results. However, that's like asking for the moon. 

Therefore, we have spent over 15 years in research and field experience in developing programs that help managers and supervisors  bring out the best in their people.

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Team building,Motivation & Engagement activities


Gone are the days of 'Command and Control' system. And everyone knows, apart from the pay check, employees also need psychological pay check. 

We help organizations with high octane life altering events. Each of those activities creates peak states  in the participants which results in peak performance...

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Lifestyle Coaching & Mentoring (Individuals,Parents & Educators)

Teachers, Parents Coaching

We help parents how to deal with teenage kids (to respect elders, eat healthy food, obey house norms, study well etc.) by participating as partners in their lives.

Similarly, we help teachers/professors create environments  in the institutions where students feel safe and comfortable to express themselves and become responsible human beings - get ready to face life being already happy and fulfilled 


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Campus to Corporate Programs (Schools & Colleges)

Campus to Corporate Programs

 We help students evolve and find their  geniuses within... help them define their purpose and how to create a template for a life of progress, growth and fulfillment... develop leadership skills, people skills interview and resume writing skills build employability skills and much more...

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  • Automobiles / Banking & Insurance / BPO & IT 
  • Engineering & Manufacturing / Environment Industry
  • Power & Infrastructure 
  • FMCG & Retail-Supply Chain Management
  • Hospitality / Hospitals / Pharmaceuticals 
  • Media & Telecommunication 
  • Office Automation 
  • Engineering & MBA students / School Teachers 

A List of Training Programs for Your Reference

We Customize all Our Training Programs according to the needs and requirements of our customers. 

Employee Engagement & Motivation - Our Signature Program

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Your employees need more than a paycheck; they need a  Psychological Paycheck.  Do you have a dedicated agenda (along with a team) and structure (with definite parameters) for the above?   Do you know how much poor morale and lack of engaging is costing your company? 

  Just think for a while and consider the following:

1. How much does hiring and training cost when you replace only one employee? 

2. How much do the hours of lost productivity cost due to low energy?

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