Appreciations from our participants about our services

Swati Kathuria, Managing Director, Multiplex Systems


  The training was a huge success! The teaching methodology allowed for participant interaction and small group discussions. Multiplex team was able to obtain a new sense of confidence from the training given by your team. I appreciate your experience and confidence as a team which allowed some of our folks to move out of their comfort zone. Thank you for your professionalism and commitment to excellence.  

Suresh K Verma, Operations Manager at Creocraft Verntures


  “He looks inside a person while imparting training. Takes out actual person from within, which helps to understand the person and mental state-accordingly he imparts training.His understanding of mental faculty of a person is great. As a trainer he is great. Wish him all the best”   

Ashok Mishra G.M. Enganno millers ltd, Jinja , Uganda


  I am thankful for making the positive shift in the way we all work together, relate each other in the organization and for effecting the much awaited paradigm shift in the organizational culture to enhance the overall productivity.  

Sharad Awasthi , Team Leader, working for Nokia


  “I haven't seen a trainer like you. You changed my mindset of a trainer. Trainers like you are a credit to the profession and I encourage you to keep up the great work. I ll never ever forget the training and appraisal you had taken for me... you made me more comfortable and confident. Thank you very much Sir.”  

Juhi Saxena,Software engineer at Metacube Software


Ajay Gomes sir had taken our Personality Development Training Program at GLA University. I should say that those classes were awesome -  They prepare students very well for
facing professional world. 

SATISH VARMA –Operations Head , Engaano Millers Ltd, Jinja , Uganda


    I am enthused by the perceptible and most desirable changes in the work place. I am now confident of a work force with an increased organizational productivity .  

Tanvir Singh, Programmer Analyst at Cognizant


earning from a trainer like him is and always will be special. His attitude towards his students was motivating  and inspiring. His passion and commitment towards his work was commendable. It was because of him that I was able to find out my interests and goals in life. Inspired by him.In all, it was a wonderful session and I hope to have many more of them in future. Love you Sir.     

Esha Pandey, Computer Engineer at Cognizant


Ajay Gomes sir has a unique way of teaching, which is through activities. He believes that students learn through their participation in the attainment of knowledge by gathering information and processing it by solving problems and articulating what they have discovered. He divided our class into teams and gave us assignments on a daily basis, which taught us team work, working under pressure and a lot many things. He also shared his life experiences with us which help us till date and will continue to do so.  

Piyush Sultania,Senior System Engineer at Infosys


The most important thing I learnt from your training was communication skills and leadership skills which are the most important requirements for being a professional. After the training my communication skills have improved a lot due to which I was able to perform better in campus placements. The training helped me to become a good team leader  Besides these how to become a good person is what I learnt fro you...  

Himanshu Sharma, Senior Project Engineer at Wipro


Your way of teaching is based on the person and his understanding level, which puts all students in comfortable zone. Easy to remember. I have gained so much from you whether its about personal issue or professional.
The best thing is you are in touch with youth & you are up to date.  

Divyshakti Singh Bisht, Defense Cadet


The PDP training imparted to us by MR. Gomes was beneficial to us in many ways. It helped us in expanding our social skill and broadened our knowledge of corporate etiquette's. The training program by Mr. Gomes is highly recommended for B.Tech students as it will help them in clearing their vision about their future goals and ambitions. Regards  

Sonam Sajwan, Electrical Engineering Student


Sir from your training i had learned a lot of things. I learnt importance of time management that it makes our life and work easy and how it is essential in every field of life . The story of caterpillar creating a cocoon made me learn that struggle is required in life. Without struggle success is not there. And last but not the least the group discussion conducted by you making each and every student participate in it and telling us to have clarity and knowledge of topic and also how brainstorming makes your Group Discussion a perfect.

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